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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.06- Ghosted

Scott, Malia, and Lydia investigate Canaan while Liam and Hayden summon a ghost from the past and Melissa helps Chris out...

I have to admit to a certain amount of annoyance with Teen Wolf this season.  While I have loved the past seasons, this season seems a bit lackluster.  Maybe it's because they're missing Stiles or maybe it's because it seems like the show is trying to split its time equally between two different storylines, but there hasn't been much this season to make me want to absolutely pay attention.  Having the storylines constantly split between the older crew and the junior group means that both are really suffering.  Part of what has always made this show so good is the way the pack works together, which is part of what made Theo and Peter such formidable foes.  Both of them knew enough to try and split the group apart to try and take Scott down.  This season it is more like the writers are trying to see if they can create a spin-off with the younger crew, which I am so not feeling right now.  While I like Liam and Hayden within the context of the gang, neither Dylan nor Victoria seems to be seasoned enough to carry a show right now.  Given the end of the episode, it looks like they might be trying to bring the gang into one storyline, which will help everything tremendously, I hope.  That being said, I have no intention of dropping my review of the show, I just hope the rest of this arc and the final arc get a whole lot better.

I did find it very interesting that banshees are seemingly immune to the Hunt.  I would love to get an explanation as to why.  Being able to sense death doesn't seem to be a good reason, so it must be something else.  I really hope that they actually explain it and don't just leave us hanging because that sort of thing really deserves an explanation.  And why could Lenore seal up the house if she is a banshee?  The only person we've see be able to do things like that was Jennifer Blake, who was a Darach.  Even then, she had to be majorly powered up to do things.

Then there was the idea of bringing Theo back.  The initial idea wasn't a bad idea.  After all, if he still had all of the powers he stole, he would be able to absorb the lightning.  I assume that when he died, he suffered the same fate as Ethan and Aiden who were unable to recombine after Jennifer broke their neck in their collective form.  As for him remembering Stiles, I can only assume that because he was elsewhere when the Riders took Stiles, Theo still has his memories.  And what did he mean by the Riders being stuck?  How did they get stuck and how can the gang unstick them?  I wonder if the Dread Doctors' messing with everything had something to do with the Ride getting stuck.  After all, the Doctors messed with the supernatural after the apparent arrival of the Ride during the thunderstorm at the beginning of last season.  Could their meddling have done something to cause the Ride to be unable to leave?  The idea is interesting.

The other possibility I can think of is that the Nemeton has something to do with everything.  After all, if it acts as a supernatural beacon, it could have gotten the Ride to come to Beacon Hills and it will not let them leave.  After all, the Nemeton has been powered by death or sacrifice, which could mean that what the Riders are doing is somehow giving strength to it.  A bit far fetched maybe, but still a possibility.

I did love seeing Chris and Melissa together.  I hope those two actually get together before the end of the show, because that would be cool.

Until next week!