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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.07- Heartless

And this is what the whole season should have been like.  Unanswered questions, the group working as a group, and some shocking twists....

I know I was hard on the show last week and spent most of the review criticizing the episode, but this episode is a prime example of why I love this show and why I was so critical last week.  The episode allowed everyone to shine and showed the show at its best.  I really hope that they keep this pace going because it worked really well.

My first question, is what exactly is Mr. Douglas?  His eyes have been both blue and red, which is really weird.  Blue eyes indicate that a wolf has taken an innocent life and red eyes indicate an Alpha.  The only person we've seen with both colors was Derek, and that was only because he became and Alpha and then lost the status.  Douglas never seemed to get or lose it, he just had eyes that were two different colors.  The other odd thing is that when he shifted, he looked awfully like Deucalion when he shifted into the Demon Wolf.  Does that mean that Mr. Douglas is a Demon Wolf?  I would suggest that the Dread Doctors had modified him with Deucalion's powers, but we saw Deucalion alive after the Dread Doctors perished at the hands of the Beast.  The other question is how exactly Mr. Douglas caught the whip that the Rider used on him and how he was able to kill it.  That indicates a tremendous amount of power or something, which does not bode well for the pack.

I was impressed with how well Liam's plan worked considering how intricate it was.  There was a ton of potential for it to go wrong, but it didn't.  Well, it didn't until Douglas stepped in and screwed things up.  It was definitely good that Scott took the time to listen to Liam and see what his plan was, despite any reservations he may have had.  Trusting Theo is not the smartest move ever, but it was the best play they had in this case because he, like Peter, has a well developed sense of self-preservation and the Riders are a threat to everyone.  Also, the chains and shackles helped out.  ðŸ˜

How was Lydia able to make Stiles' lacrosse shirt materialize out of thin air?  I am guessing that she wanted it badly enough that it appeared, much the way she thinks that Claudia appeared because the Sheriff Stilinski couldn't stand to lose Stiles.  If that is the case, then she is aware that she shouldn''t be there and is potentially a threat to the gang.

How did the Rider force the Hellhound to try and free it?  That was something that was really surprising.  Since the gang constructed a Faraday cage and we've never seen the Riders exhibit telepathic abilities before, something about that seemed off.  Of course, it is always possible that keeping the Rider locked up would have upset the supernatural balance, so the Hellhound decided to free it in order to maintain the balance.

And I hope that Mason can find Corey.  Of course, he'd first have to remember Corey, which may not happen.  Of course, it is possible that Corey will find Stiles and may be able to bring him back somehow,  Since Corey can always see the Riders when he is using his abilities, it is possible that he might be able to shift back to our world.  Doubtful, I know, but hope springs eternal.

Until next week!