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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.08- Blitzkrieg

We learn more about Mr. Douglas, the gang gets increasingly desperate, Sheriff Stilinski remembers, and we learn Stiles' first name.

And the long awaited first name is...Mieczyslaw.  I'm told it's pronounced Mish-ih-slav (couldn't get it from the one time the Sheriff said it).  If you can pronounce that on your own, you are better than I am.  Of all the names, I would never have gone anywhere near that one.  Although now Coach's comment about whether or not the Sheriff hated Stiles makes sense.  And I also get why Stiles never uses it.  I can just imagine the teasing that the name would involve.

On the whole, I had ,mixed feeling about the episode.  Compared to last season's "The Maid of Gevaudan", this expository episode felt very odd.  Given how the "villains" (the Riders) aren't really the villains but rather victims of Mr. Douglas who has suddenly become a dangerous person, I think that is understandable.  It's almost like they're starting to transition to the second half of the season already and making Douglas a real threat and that he is.  He can somehow control the Hellhound, which was a surprise.  We also found out that he is part lion and part wolf before being captured by the Dread Doctors.  Because he had been hit with the whip of a Rider, he had some of that in his system when he was stuffed in their tank for decades.  Add to that the fact that the Doctors experimented on him, so when he woke up he was part lion, part wolf, part Alpha, and part Rider.  And that explains why the Riders can't capture him as well as why he can use their weapons.

I think the reason I am so "meh" on this episode is that they had too much exposition replace us seeing what the Riders were doing.  All of a sudden, Beacon Hills has been virtually denuded of people.  I know that the Riders have been taking people for a while, but to seemingly have them all of a sudden ramp up how many they are taking felt off.  Add to that the fact that we never saw Mason discovering Corey's phone and it felt like they really rushed a lot to get to where they need to get to.  Given how slow some of the earlier episodes felt, I wonder if they could have redistributed some things to even things out a bit.

Why was the Rider scared (or wary) of Lydia.  We know that they can't (or won't) take Banshees, so I wonder if it was actual fear or if it was more of a they are under orders not to do anything to a Banshee.  I was a little surprised that the group hadn't thought of that sooner.  They know that the Riders won't take a Banshee, so why not put her out in front as a shield of sorts earlier?  Also, they know that the Hellhound won't hurt her, so why not have her try and block Douglas and the Hellhound from entering the rift in the first place?  Or at least have her use her voice to throw them back?

So apparently the Sheriff remembering Stiles caused his wife to disappear, which leads me to the conclusion that she wasn't actively working with the Riders.  If she was created for this new, non-Stiles world, then she wouldn't have any memories of him and would have nothing to allow her to see the artifacts of his existence that the Sheriff brought back.

I am really curious why people being taken now seem to be remembered.  Stiles and earlier people were completely wiped from existence, but Scott has his mom's number in his cell phone and Corey's phone was found by Mason.  An explanation for that inconsistency would be appreciated, otherwise it looks like just sloppiness/

So next week, the gang tries to get Stiles back by remembering him.  This should be interesting....