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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.09- Memory Found

Scott, Malia, and Lydia make a last, desperate attempt to bring Stiles back while Theo and Laim work to give them time.

I know I've been very critical of this season so far, and (honestly) that isn't going to change now.  The whole season has felt somewhat off to me.  I won't bother explaining why (again), but there have really only been one or two really good episodes so far in season 6.  While this episode was better than most, it still felt too exposition heavy for the penultimate episode of the arc.  The whole thing has seriously dragged for me, so I am hoping for a super strong mid-season finale next week.

I do think that one thing I have seriously been missing is Stiles.  The best episodes of the season were the episodes with Dylan, which shows me just how important he is to the show.  Stile brings a lightness and sense of humour to the show that no other character does.  Granted, they all have their moments, but Dylan has a way of making everything seem lighter and so much more fun.  Even when he was playing VoidStiles, it never felt this heavy, dark, and brooding.

The other major issue is that it is episode 9 and we still have no clue about what the aim of the Riders or Douglas really is.  That makes everything so much more boring.  Last season, we knew that the Dread Doctors were looking to bring forth the Beast (even if we didn't know the name) and we knew that Theo was looking for his own pack.  That gave a sense of purpose to the show.  This season has lacked that, which means that everyone disappearing has very little heft or anything.  Assuming that Mr Douglas is the villain of the second half of the season, they REALLY need to lay out what he is looking for relatively quickly.

All that being said, there were some bright moments tonight.  Seeing Theo willingly sacrificing himself to save Liam was a good thing, and something I wasn't sure if Theo had in him.Their fighting and the almost fist bump were particularly cool to see.

As for the memories of Stiles that the gang dredged up, none were particularly surprising.  The only thing that surprised me was that the hugging scene between Scott and Stiles at the MRI wasn't given a more prominent place since that was a major affirmation of their brotherhood.  Don't get me wrong, the scene outside the bus was a great one and well deserving of a place of honor, but I just think that the MRI scene should have been more prominent.

All of the Malia scenes were great.  I sort of wish they had shown one of the spooning scenes, but I get why they didn't.  The spooning would have been more comedic than intensely emotional, which would have messed with the feel of the scene.  Still would have been fun to see again though.

I loved the memories from Lydia.  I've been on the fence about the two of them as a couple for a while now.  In the first couple of seasons, Stiles just had a puppy dog type crush on Lydia and she wasn't really deserving of him.  Then she became a more integral part of the group and the two of them started working really, really well together, which made me not want them to get together romantically.  But since they are apparently going to be a couple now, I can't say that I object too much.  I just hope that it doesn't screw with the good work the two of them do together to help Scott cume up with plans.  They are, without a doubt, the smartest people in the group.  Mason comes up close behind them, but he's not as smart as they are,  I think it will be interesting to see where the two of them go.

Next week is the mid-season finale.  See you then!