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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.15- Sex Ed

Jude goes to extreme lengths to learn about gay sex, Callie shows her senior project, Brandon helps, Emma which causes problems with Jesus, and Stef tries to teach Mariana about self-defense.

Having never been through sex-ed myself, I find myself feeling very sympathetic for Jude.  When you don't learn about sex, you will go to some weird places to learn about it.  Being a bit of a bookworm, I mainly went to the encyclopedia but also watch shows with LGBT characters (such as Queer as Folk) secretly so I could see how two guys "did it".  Jude found himself in a similar position.  He has no idea how two guys would have sex, so he decides to see what he can find for himself.  His idea was definitely more dangerous.  Even as an adult, hooking up can be somewhat hazardous.  Lying about his age, while understandable, was beyond stupid.  He should know that he can talk with Stef and Lena about anything.  Granted, they don't have any hands on experience in this particular area, but they might know some gay guys who could sit Jude down and answer any questions he might have.  And yes, I know it would have been embarrassing, but better to be embarrassed than assaulted or dead.  Sorry, but that apartment building was seriously sketchy and the initial encounter went exactly the way I would have expected.  The host is all ready for the visitor.  And I will leave it at that.

That being said, LGBTQIA sex ed is definitely needed in school.  We give parents to opt their children out of sex ed now, so why not give them the same choice for LGBTQIA sex ed?  After all, it is a whole lot better to talk with kids openly about sex than it is to hide it.  Talking about it openly doesn't mean that you're advocating for them to have sex, but hiding it makes it the forbidden fruit which is always more tempting for teens.  Just give them the facts and answer their questions honestly.  I remember when I was teaching religion and we hit the sexual morality portion of the year, I always had a day where I would simply answer questions.  I would say "penis" or "vagina" or "breasts" as often as possible so that my students knew that the words were not dirty or anything and to remove some of the stigma or shame surrounding them.  I think sex ed should be the same way.  Deal with it frankly and in a way that is age/developmentally appropriate.  To do otherwise is to tell one groups of students that they don't deserve the same treatment or the same respect as the rest of the students and that is wrong.

Callie's project was seriously powerful.  While I understand why Monte wanted the project removed, I am not sure she should have tried.  I am pretty torn about it because I do get why it might be bad for the image,particularly after everything that happened with Nick.  That being said, taking away one of the senior projects was just not a smart thing.  It might have been better to see if there was some way to make it blend in so that it wouldn't have been as noticeable.  I don't know how exactly the projects were presented, so I don't know if that would have been feasible.  I was surprised that Talia apparently led the boycott given her and Callie's rocky past.  It was nice to see, but still somewhat surprising.

Brandon certainly had an eventful week.  First he helps Emma get through an abortion, then he messes up at the music therapy, then he has Jesus accuse him of sleeping with Emma.  Helping Emma was definitely the right thing to do.  Jesus could not handle being a father at this point and I don't see Emma being a single mother in high school.  Unfortunately, Jesus misread everything that was going on and thought the secret being kept was that Brandon and Emma were having sex.

The whole "let's teach Mariana self-defense" felt relevant to her, but still felt like a bit of a throwaway.  I hope they keep it going to show that it was not something just to give her a story in this episode.  I did love her screaming in Stef's ear though.  That was funny.

You have to feel for AJ.  His brother wants them to live together when he gets out of prison, but Mike wants to adopt him.  And to make matters worse, Mike and Ana apparently can't live together while Mike is fostering because Ana has a felony.  That sucks.

And then there is Callie's court case.  One person refused to settle, so they are going to court.  Here's hoping they can get this taken care of and keep Callie out of prison.

Next episode in two weeks.  See you then!

My Review of The Flash 3.14- Attack on Central City

With Grodd headed towards Central City, Barry has a choice to make, Cisco goes for some help, and a surprise occurs....

I want to spend most of my time talking about Barry's choice about whether or not to kill Grodd.  In one sense, the point is irrelevant because he figured out a different way t deal with the situation, but in another, it is super relevant.  While I do believe that, generally speaking, killing is wrong, there are times when it may be unavoidable.  In that I completely disagree with Iris and Harry.  I respect where they are coming from, but to state categorically that killing is *NEVER* an option is just wrong.  Sometimes, in order to protect one life or many lives, it might require that someone be killed.  After all, if we could have killed Hitler to save the Jews from the Holocaust, would that not really be a good thing?  Extreme example, I know, but the point is still valid.

I'm not saying that killing should be the first option, but it shouldn't be completely removed from the table.  I know that may be an unpopular opinion, but sometimes killing one to save innocent lives may be justified.  As long as the decision is not reached easily, I think should be an option in extreme cases.  In this case, yes, there was another option (having Salovar attack Grodd), which made killing Grodd irrelevant, so it was a good option.  But keep it on the table as a potential option.  I'm not talking about cold-blooded murder, but killing done to protect the innocent.  Big, big difference in my book.

I do have to admit that the idea of bringing Salovar to fight Grodd was a good idea.  That enabled everyone to avoid a massive battle that would have otherwise been overwhelming for the few people who were fighting the gorillas.  I'm just worried that, by giving Grodd to ARGUS, there is a chance that Grodd could come back and wreak even more havoc.

What Harry did to Wally was low.  Trying to use Wally to guilt Jessie into going back to Earth-2 was not a good thing.  I was glad that Jessie saw right through it and then proceeded to dress down Harry in front of everyone else, because he deserved it.  I'm just curious about why Savitar reappeared now and how he got out of wherever he was.

Barry proposing to Iris was not completely unexpected, but it was very sweet.  I am having a little trouble imagining her saying yes right now, but you never know.

Finally, I want to address an article I saw the other day asking if Barry might be the true villain of The Flash because he causes so many problems.  While I sort of get that view, I think the thing about Barry is that he is not perfect.  He sometimes makes bad choices, but they are never intentionally harmful.  At most, he is impulsive when he gets emotional and apt to make rash decisions.

Until next week!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.14- The Sin-Eater

Oliver deals with attacks of varying types on several fronts while Felicity and Thea deal with some not-too-pleasant news...

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, I disagree with Oliver's assessment of Thea this week.  Did she go too far?  Maybe.  I am not sure if she was trying to get Susan fired, but sabotaging her career to ensure that Oliver and the team can be out there saving lives is worth it in my book.  Unfortunately, this was a case where there just weren't any good options.  If Oliver had been outed as the Green Arrow, it would have made it much harder for him to help people.  But Felicity and Thea couldn't simply delete the information from Susan's computer because she might have physical back-ups, so they had to do something else.  It wasn't nice or pretty, but it was necessary.  I'm sorry that she got her reputation ruined and that Oliver got his feelings hurt, but saving lives is more important in my book.  While I may not love it, I do understand it and think it was the best of a series of bad choices.

I think Oliver's problem here is that he, like Lance, is trying to take too much on himself.  He is constantly doing things to protect other people from bad consequences.  He has killed people or worse to make sure that Diggle and Felicity keep their hands clean.  He just couldn't handle that Thea and Felicity are doing the same thing for him here.  Not to mention that I seem to remember Thea warning Susan what would happen if Susan crossed her or did something to hurt Oliver.  Besides, Susan is not exactly Ms. Clean here.  She has been sleeping with Oliver while investigating him.  It may not be unethical (don't know journalistic ethical rules offhand) but it was definitely shady.

It was nice seeing Lance assure Dinah that he wants he to take up Laurel's mantle.  While he may not have used those words, that was definitely the intention of the last conversation he had with her.  She is an impressive fighter and has the scream, so she is most of the way there.  It also helps that she isn't super eager to replace Laurel because that shows that she is aware of the legacy she is carrying on.  She just needs to figure out how to give the Black Canary her own spin.

I was surprised at how close Oliver came to outing himself as the Green Arrow to the police captain.  Using the same words as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow was not smart, unless he is trying to tell the captain who he is.  And like I said, I think that would be a bad thing.

As for Prometheus, he is definitely stepping up his game against Oliver.  Sending that information to the police and then leaking it to the press was a major escalation.  He is now trying to actively and publicly ruin Oliver Queen as well as the Green Arrow.  I am curious about how Oliver will get out of this one.

And for the record, being blackmailed into helping Damien Dahrk is in no way like choosing to break laws.  In the one case, Lance was protecting lives, in the other hand Warner is only helping herself.  Very, very different.

Until next week!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.14- Doors and Windows

The family deals with what happened to Jesus, Callie tries to figure out what to do next, and Stef receives some good news....

While I understand what the therapist is saying, I don't really agree with him.  Stef and Lena are wonderful parents with kids who are acting fairly typically for teenagers with a little more drama than usual.  They certainly do not cut off any avenues of communication with their kids.  And then there was Mariana's reaction to the therapist talking to her about getting her power back.  Her attitude was almost more of a self-satisfied "and in your face I rub it!" than anything else, and it really rubbed me wrong.  I love Mariana's brand of sassiness, but this came off (to me anyway) more like bitchiness than anything else.

And was I wrong last week.  I had assumed that they would do some sort of time jump to go through Callie being in jail or something but, barring some really weird twist, that isn't going to happen because Robert paid everyone's medical bills.  It was an oddly unsatisfying ending to the story.  Granted, it did get Callie to work on her new senior project with aaron and an interesting project it was.  Although this is her 3rd or 4th senior project, so I hope this one sticks.  This time she used her legal records to line the "walls" of a solitary confinement cell.  It was definitely an interesting idea.

Please don't tell me they are introducing another love interest for Brandon already.  Just give the guy a rest.  What I do hope they are doing is giving him a new direction to go in.  If he can take his music and use it to help people through music therapy, that will definitely give him a new way to go.  Using the principles to help Jesus was a smart move.

Speaking of Jesus, he is certainly not having a fun time.  He is immensely frustrated with the glacial progress he is making and is taking it out on Lena.  It cannot be fun to be in her shoes right now.  She has gone from being the vice-principal of a charter school to being a nursemaid for her teenage son.  Granted, he really does need the help right now, but it still cannot be fun.  I just hope that Stef and the rest of the family see the trouble she is having and help her out the way Brandon did.

And it was nice to finally see the family catch a bit of a break.  Stef got her promotion to detective, which will be a good thing because it will bring in more money.  She also seems to plan on using it to investigate everything that is going on with the murder Callie's foster brother was accused of committing.  I have to wonder if Callie was right when she accused the detective of covering things up.  I know a videotape can't be the easiest thing to fake, but; given what we have seen of him so far; I wouldn't put anything past him,  I almost have to wonder if Stef and Lena lied to Callie about the alibi being solid in order to get her to take the deal so that they wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.

And Emma is apparently pregnant with Jesus' baby.  This is so not going to go well.  Unfortunately for her and Brandon, Jesus heard them talking and seems to be assuming the worst about what is going on.  This will not be pretty.

Until next week!

My Review of The Flash 3.13- Attack on Gorilla City

Barry and the gang head to Earth-2 to rescue Harry while Jesse and Wally stay on Earth-1.

Grodd certainly learned from Thawne when it comes to deception.  He managed to trick Barry into defeating Solovar so that Grodd can take command of the gorilla armies and attack Central City on Earth-1.  That was very well played.  I'm not entirely sure why Barry defeating Solovar would scare the gorillas, particularly since he refused to kill Solovar and it was not an easy task.  I can only assume that Grodd did something to rile the gorillas up.  This is definitely going to be one of those not good for Central City things.  I am trying to figure out how the gang is going to defeat an army of giant gorillas.  Yes, there are three speedsters, but they are going to need a lot more to stop the gorilla army.  You might be able to use Catilin's frost abilities or Cisco's sonic blasts that we've seen Vibe use on Earth-2, but this is still going to be a major issue.

You have to admire the plan which got them out.  It was very, very simple.  Caitlin freezes Barry enough to make him appear dead, but not enough to kill him.  He then vibrates himself warm and releases everyone.  Very simple and that simplicity makes it elegant and a great idea.  It was so simple that I am surprised Grodd didn't see right through it.  Maybe he did and he let them go anyway or maybe he truly didn't.  Not sure if we'll ever know for sure.

The fight between Barry and Solovar was pretty cool.  Barry had some good moves, but solovar seemed to be able to anticipate all of them.  When he first charged Solovar, I have to wonder what he was thinking.  Granted, Barry is fast, but a move like that would almost be expected, which made it a fairly stupid idea.  The attempt at the lightning bolt was a better idea both because Barry was further away and because it allowed Barry to use his speed.  Unfortunately he took too long, so Solovar was able to get him.  The last punch was pretty cool.  Vibrating his fist to give it extra power was a great idea.

The Wally/Jesse subplot, while sort of fun, also seemed a little weird and didn't really fit in with the episode.  Nothing awful, it just felt like it didn't really fit at all.  Maybe it was just me, but I really wasn't feeling that at all.  It was nice to see the two of them click last year, but I am not feeling them as a couple or anything.  Friends, sure.  But they don;t seem to be a good fit as a couple.

Good episode, but it was a setup for next week and it felt like it.  There were some thrilling fighting moments, but nothing seemed particularly weighty or significant.It's like they're just clicking off items on the list of headlines so Barry can save Iris at the last second.  Although maybe that is the point.  By seeing the future, Barry might very well bring it into being by the steps he takes to avoid it.  Trippy, yes.  But interesting.

Until next week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.13- Spectre of the Gun

After an incident at City Hall, there are divided opinions on the team about how to proceed, Diggle helps Dinah out, and we see how Rene became Mad Dog.

I have to say that I thought this episode handled gun control really well.  I actually went out and looked at comments on news articles and reviews to see what people were saying and I was sadly unsurprised to see people react as if they hadn't even seen the episode.  You had some people saying how it was some sort of liberal plot to take away guns and others saying that a show like Arrow is the wrong type of show to handle this sort of issue.

Regarding the second point, I think that a show like Arrow is the perfect forum for an episode like this.  Is the show violent?  Yes.  Do the characters kill?  Yes.  Do they use guns?  Yes. all of that is what makes this show the perfect vehicle.  Olive made a good point when he said that he was well aware that his past actions make him an odd choice to talk about violence.  The thing is that someone who uses violence is going to be more aware of the issues regarding it.  Notice that neither Oliver nor anyone else ever advocated for any type of ban.  They just wanted controls of some sort.  And as Oliver noted, there are controls on almost everything.  So having controls on guns really should be a no brainer.

Rene was the most predictable person there, but it was easy to understand why.  He blames himself for what happened and somehow thinks that having more guns would have saved his wife.  The weird thing is that with everything that happened, having more access to guns wouldn't have saved her, so I am not sure how his thoughts are going.  Curtis was also predictable when it came to his reaction to everything, but I enjoyed how the writers gave him and Rene a chance to bounce their views off of each other.

I think the thing that sort of got me here is that issue I have with shows a lot and that is a misunderstanding of the word "hypocrisy".  Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another.  Does Oliver use violence?  Yes, he does.  Was he preaching nonviolence at the same time?  No.  So there is no hypocrisy.  Same with everyone else.  The people who use guns never said that no one should have them (which would be hypocrisy).  Rather, they were saying that there should be some limitations.  Lance and Diggle are both well-trained in the use of firearms.  I would assume that Dinah has received training as well.  We also know that Rene has to have been trained since he was in the armed forces.  This training and their using firearms gives them a good perspective on how firearms should be used.  Has Oliver used guns in the past?  Yes, when he has a complete need to.

I guess my whole point is that there is no hypocrisy taking place in this episode at all.  Oliver is trying to do his best to make sure that as many people are as safe as possible.  And I think that is the problem he has with the Vigilante.  The Vigilante doesn't seem to care too much about collateral damage, whereas Oliver assiduously avoids causing collateral damage.  That is why the Green Arrow is someone I can stand behind.  He screws up on occasion, but he is always trying his best to do the most good for the most people.  The Vigilante doesn't really seem to care about anything other than killing the bad guy, which is not a good place to come from.

I did enjoy watching Diggle help Dinah get a place.  That made for a nice, lighter story in the middle of a fairly hefty episode.

Until next week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.13- Cruel and Unusual

Stef and Lena deal with the secrets swirling around, Robert reappears, Mike has a proposal for Ana, and Jesus' future is uncertain...

Sorry, but I feel absolutely zero sympathy for Robert.  He only wants to be Callie's dad at certain time, generally when he thinks she needs rescuing.  He abandoned her and her mother when she was young and never sought her out.  Then he tried to take her away from the Adams-Fosters and ultimately gave up all his parental rights.  So he has no business demanding information from Stef and Lena.  He lost the moral right when he abandoned her years ago and he lost the legal rights when he signed away his parental rights.  So sorry, but he gets nothing from me.  And if he tries to take Callie away again, I hope he crashes and burns.

Speaking of Callie, her life sucks royally at the moment.  She is trying to keep her head down in juvie, but the one guard framed her and his actions played a definite part in getting her charged as an adult by the court.  I get that, from the outside, it looks like Callie hasn't changed, but if the judge took even a second to consider her recent activities, I think he would have come to a different conclusion.  Instead, we have a system that takes the word of a white guy who looks spotless because he's been protected by a crooked cop over the word of a young woman who had the misfortune to grow up in the system and has suffered because of it.  That completely sucks.  I just hope that they figure out some way to impeach the guy's testimony or expose the detective's corruption so they can save Callie.

I get why Stef wants to remove the doors, but having no doors wouldn't have prevented anything from happening.  Brandon still would have taken the SAT for the guy, Jude still would have smoked pot, and Mariana still would have seen Nick.  All she is doing is causing more issues with the kids in the house.  I just hope she takes the time to think about everything and calmly consider what she is doing.

Stef and Lena are going to be in for a long, tough road.  Lena is taking a leave of absence to care for Jesus, who is in need of full time medical care.  I just hope that he doesn't have too many mood swings, but I suspect that the worst is definitely yet to come.  The one thing that concerns me is how they are going to play things.  A recovery like the one Jesus faces is potentially really, really long term.  Are they really going to have Noah play recovery for that long?  Or are they going to do some sort of time jump?  I almost wonder if they are going to send Callie away for a while and use that as a time jump to get her out and have Jesus mostly recovered.  Guess we'll find out.

So, Mariana got tampons; not a pregnancy test; from Emma last week.  Does this mean that Emma might be pregnant?  Given the preview for next week, that is highly likely.  That would be totally awkward for everyone because Jesus will be incapable of helping out for the foreseeable future.  I did snerk during the conversation between Brandon and Mat.  That was pretty amusing because they were both so profoundly uncomfortable.  Asking about your sisters sex life cannot be an easy conversation.

Should Ana move in with Mike?  Seeing as we haven't seen much of either of them recently, this seemed to come out of left field.  I was happy to see that Mike is willing to adopt AJ.  I could have sworn this was broached before, but it's been a while so maybe I am wrong.

As for Jude and Noah, I am still not terribly fond of Noah, but I am still upset about everything that happened with Connor, so I am not exactly objective here.  I am not terribly happy with how Noah acts, but if he makes Jude happy and doesn't cause more problems, I guess I can deal with him.

Until next week!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.12- Bratva

Oliver and the gang chase Walker to Russia where Felicity and Diggle let out some darkness and Oliver  talks with them.

I'm not sure whether or not I agree with Oliver when it comes to his concerns about Diggle and Felicity going a bit dark.  I will say that Diggle did go too far, but that has more to do with the fact that he completely lost control and beat the crap out of the guy, which is a bad thing.  Felicity, on the other hand, was in complete control and threatened the guy and his family to make sure that they could stop the nuke.  Personally, I feel better about what Felicity did.  While it may not have been completely right, she was at least in control of herself and the situation. All told, I get where Oliver is coming from, but he needs to let them do their own things. Fortunately, Diggle figured out how to stop himself.  I am not sure that Felicity will figure that out anytime soon.

I am liking the new Black Canary.  She is very direct and doesn't put up with crap from Oliver.  I appreciated that she, like Laurel, speaks bluntly to him to snap him out of his bout of brooding.  I just hope that she sticks around and keeps his head on straight because he needs someone like her to challenge him the way Laurel did.  And she has an advantage because she doesn't have the baggage that Laurel had when it comes to her and Oliver's past.

I liked watching Rene and Lance together.  Rene has been getting better and better now that he has been trying.  While he may not have been nice to Lance, he did do some good prep.  After all, reporters might very easily bring up Laurel and Sara and Lance will need to figure out how to answer any questions about them.  And I loved the story Rene told about how he had met Lance when he was younger.  And using the story to help Lance was a nice touch.

Rory has left the team because his rag suit is no longer operational since he used it to contain a nuclear blast.  I have to wonder if the suit just got overloaded or what exactly happened.  It's mystical, which would make it unlikely that a nuke could overload it, but unless Rory's frame of mind is somehow causing the problem I am not sure what is going on.  Given what Rory learned about Felicity tonight, I wouldn't be super surprised if he wanted off the team and the suit responded by stopping working so he could leave.  Either that or he just flat-out lied.  I don't think he lied, because that seems really out of character for him.

In flashbacks, we got to see Oliver moving closer and closer to the Arrow persona.  For the first time (chronologically, since it was in a flashback), he told someone that they had failed Starling City.  This particular usage was a little wordier than he eventually uses, but it works.

So is the reporter only sleeping with Oliver to see if he is the Green Arrow?  She knows he was involved with the Bratva and that an Arrow-like figure was in Russia at the same time, so she has put two and two together and is coming really close to figuring out Oliver's secret.  I wonder if she'll keep it.

Until next week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.12- Dream a Little Dream

Callie gets in more trouble than she bargained for, Jesus has a troubling dream, Mariana confronts her guilt, Brandon has word for Jude, and Lena meets someone interesting.

I am so not sure about how to respond to the whole Callie situation.  I get that the police weren't required to bring in Stef and Lena since Callie wasn't actually arrested, but having a minor sign an incriminating statement without their parents (or a parent) present strikes me as not entirely kosher, particularly since the cop whose been covering up everything was involved in the process.  And then there was the judges' pronouncement that Callie was presumed guilty and would have to prove her innocence.  That may be accurate in juvenile court, but it seems like a very odd statement since the US justice system (at least for adults) is supposed to assume innocence.  And why are they trying Callie as an adult?  Their whole case is a "he said, she said", which is never the strongest case.  I get that Callie is already under suspicion because she was a foster kid and she has a record, but even a cursory review of her records would show that a lot has changed for her.  I have to wonder how much Detective Johnson is pushing behind the scenes in order to discredit Callie and Stef.

And that was a very weird dream that Jesus had.  I get the whole thing about him feeling like he failed Mariana, but some of the other things (like Brandon and Emma having sex!) were just odd.  I'm not sure if they were all supposed to be things he is literally feeling or if they are just manifestations of insecurities, like he might be afraid that Emma will dump him to be with someone else.  And when he woke up, I am trying to figure out if he was actually babbling or just having trouble speaking because he had just woken up.

Poor Stef and Lena just keep on having crap piled up on top of them, so I am not at all surprised that Lena started to fall apart.  Are the Adams-Fosters making bad decisions?  Yes.  I do have to say that a lot of the decisions; particularly where Brandon, Callie, and Jesus are concerned; tend to be more in the nature of bad decisions meant for good reasons, such as protecting a loved one.  Mariana and Jude, on the other hand, seem to be making the more typical self-centered teen bad decisions.  The problem is that Brandon, Callie, and Jesus try so hard to protect other people that they tend to mess up in spectacular ways that really get them in trouble.  Witness Callie going to the police to report what happened or Brandon taking the test to get money for Cortney.  They're not bad kids, they're just not great at making decisions.

It was nice to see Brandon politely tell Jude off.  While Jude has not been an awful person, he has been a little bit of a jerk to people recently.  I'm not sure if he's trying to impress Noah or is still heartbroken over losing Connor and Jack, but he has changed.  Of course, there is also the fact that he is becoming an adolescent with all of the attendant issues, so we can't say it is all one thing.  The fact that he did the dishes was a nice thing, but it is premature to say that it actually means anything.

I can't believe that Mariana had sex with Mat right then.  With her brother in the hospital and after everything that happened with Nick, I get that she was afraid of losing Mat.  But having sex with him right then seems to say that she was having sex to avoid losing him, which is never a good reason to have sex.  Here's hoping that she's not actually pregnant, because that would make things really weird.

So Lena met the ghost of the woman's dead mother?  That was odd.  Nothing else to say about it, because it was just odd.

Until next week!

My Review of The Flash 3.12- Untouchable

Barry helps Wally train, a new meta surfaces, and an old friend arrives...

Watching Barry help Wally train was sort of fun.  I do have to say that Wally has certainly come along a lot further and faster than Barry did at first.  I'm sure some of it is natural talent, just as I am sure that some of it has to do with Barry having experienced this all before and knowing how to help.  The only problem is that there is some stuff like phasing that takes a lot more finesse than other stuff, and that is where Wally appears to be falling short.  He is seriously gifted when it comes to the speed angle, but he is not so gifted in the finesse area.  Still, I was pleasantly surprised (although not shocked) when he picked up phasing so quickly.  Like Barry said, when the chips are down, the two of them can do some amazing things.

What was even more impressive was when Barry managed to vibrate the entire trains so it phased through the rubble.  Doing that obviously took a lot of energy, which is part of what made it so impressive.  Making a train of cars all vibrate at exactly the right frequency so they would go through rubble while remaining in the front car could not have been easy.  So color me impressed.

Was Barry a little unfair to Wally right after Iris was attacked?  Yes, but Barry did own up to it really quickly.  Given everything that was going on, lashing out at wally made a certain amount of sense emotionally.  Fortunately, it didn't seem to permanently damage their relationship, which is a good thing.

Speaking of relationships, I was highly amused at Joe's maneuvers to avoid taking a side in the whole Flash v. Kid Flash debate.  There really was no way for him to win that one, so staying as agnostic as possible was the best possible option.  Poor guy had a rough time there, but he handled it nicely.

What was also rough was learning about what Barry saw happen to Iris.  As I've said in the past, Iris was seriously wrong to hide it from Joe, particularly since she has always been so insistent that she be told everything and holding grudges against people for withholding information from her, even if she had no right to it.  In fairness to Barry, he has been in favor of telling Joe, it is mainly Iris who was resisting and Barry chose to honor her decision,  Iris really needs to get off of her moral high horse because it is beyond dead at this point.  She has no moral ground to stand on regarding secrets anymore, particularly after the secrets she held last season and then now.

Julian really needs to learn how to play with others.  He seems to take one step forward and then 2 steps back.  It was nice to see him encourage Caitlin, I just wish he would be better with everyone else.  And the idea about using Caitlin's frost to slow the progression of what the meta did to Iris was interesting.

How exactly did Jessie hop worlds?  I thought that the devices the enabled world hopping had been destroyed after Zoom, so only Cisco (or Supergirl since Cisco made the device for her) could move through worlds.  Maybe my memory is bad though, so who knows.  It will be interesting to see the gorilla world.

See everyone in two weeks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.11- Insult to Injury

In the winter premiere, the fallout continues as Jesus fights for his life, Jude continues to make bacd choices, Callie steps into a whole mess of trouble, Brandon deals with what happened to him, and Stef and Lena are trying to hold everything together.

First off, I mistakenly said that this episode was the season premiere when I wrote that this review wasn't going up last night.  It is the *WINTER* premiere, not the season premiere.  My bad.

I do not know where to start with this episode.  So I think I'll start with Callie.  Causing the accident was not the best maneuver, but it was a totally understandable reaction given what was going on as was running away afterwards.  Callie wasn't trying to flee the accident, she was running from a perceived danger.  Unfortunately, I am not sure if the law sees it that way.  I do want to smack Aaron upside the head for telling Callie that she didn't break the law, because fleeing the scene of an accident is definitely illegal.  If he hadn't told her that, she wouldn't have gone to the police and wouldn't be facing a possible felony.

Of course, the reasons she went to the police was completely honorable.  She is trying to own up to what happened.  If she hadn't mentioned the murder, she would probably get out really fast.  Now the detective will do what he can to discredit her and possibly hurt Stef's career as well.  Not good.  Of course, Aaron did tell her not to mention the murder and to tell her moms, which Callie didn't do.  And they weren't told because Stef sad that they couldn't handle anything else.  Of such stuff drama is made.  Callie just needs to accept that drama and trouble follow along behind her like overeager little puppies.  Sucks to be her.

And I was glad that Aaron told her off for outing him as trans.  He's right, in some places it can be dangerous to be trans.  Also, as I said in my last review (and as he said in the episode), that type of information should only be revealed by the person whose story it is, just like being gay, lesbian, etc.  If it's not your story, don't share it.  Period.  And I was annoyed at AJ for apologizing to Aaron for insulting him about his size because he is trans.  A trans man is still and man and a trans woman is still a woman.  Treat them the same way you would treat anyone else.

So Brandon and Cortney slept together and then she promptly told him that it was over.  Ok, so not sorry to see he go.  Did Brandon make bad decisions in the first half of the season?  Yes.  But she kept accepting his help and deflecting criticism and now plays the martyr.  Sorry, but I just don't accept that.  I do hope she doesn't come back because what she did was just mean.

Jude almost slept with Noah on another person's boat after the two of them got high.  If this is the type of behavior Jude is going to display, I feel so sorry for Lena and Stef.  I know that he is growing up and making mistakes, but Noah is a bad influence on Jude.  I get that he is, in many ways, the polar opposite of Connor, which is part of the reason Jude likes him.  But nothing here bodes well for a future relationship.  I also keep forgetting how much Hayden has grown up.  His voice is really deepening, which is always surprising after much time away.

Was emma unfair to Mariana?  Sort of.  As I noted in the last review, what happened to Jesus was more the result of a series of bad decisions than a single decision by a single person.  Mariana so should have cut off contact with Nick long before she actually did so.  By stringing him along and playing into his fantasy, she allowed the situation to spiral completely out of control.  Now, Jesus does bear some blame for attacking Nick without figuring out what was going on.  The reaction was understandable, but it led to the situation we are in now, which is not good.

Basically, when Nick hit Jesus, he managed to land a punch right around the spot where the nail went into Jesus' head which caused his brain to swell and caused him to have seizures.  So the doctors had to put a bolt into his head to monitor the pressure and they placed Jesus in the ICU.  And given the list of potential issues Stef rattled off, it is no wonder she and Lena are scared.

And Lena was pissed at Mariana, and rightfully so.  Taking prescriptions that are not yours is never a good thing.  Prescriptions are drugs and carry all of the attendant risks that drugs have.  Fortunately, they don't seem to have made a lasting impact, but that remains to be seen.

Starting next week, I will have the reviews out Tuesday nights, so until then!

My Review of Arrow 5.11- Second Chances

Oliver and the gang search for a new Canary, Felicity finds a way to free Diggle, and past Oliver strikes a deal with Talia al-Ghul....

Well, this set of flashbacks is certainly working out well.  Where the flashbacks are concerned, we are obviously close to the pilot.  Oliver has gotten his hood and bow from Talia and she's offered to train him.  Interestingly, she also revealed that she trained Yao Fei.  Also, unless I am seriously mistaken, she used the Lazarus Pit much like R'as did.  So does that mean that Yao Fei was a member of the League?  Or did Talia train him after she left the League?  I should say presumably left the League, because she was never really mentioned by either Nyssa or R'as that I can remember.  I am really curious about her.

And Talia has obviously been keeping a close eye on Oliver.   Sheknows what happened to him on the island, what he did in Hong Kong, about his return to Starling City, and why he didn't stay there.  One has to wonder why she is keeping an eye on him.  Could she be trying to recruit him to join the League?  Or is she simply curious about this student of her student?  Lots of questions what we really need answers for.

And then there is Tina Boland, the false name for Dinah Drake.  That';s right ladies and gentlemen, we have the Black Canary back on Arrow.  And, for the first time I can remember off hand, Arrow has shiow The Accident from The Flash.  Turns out Dinah got her sonic ability the night of The Accident.  As an aside, I love the fact that the show can have the characters from the different shows interact even without having the actual actor on it.  Last night Vibe and Gypsy went to Supergirl's earth and tonight the Flash dropped off a note for Captain Singh that he was really talking with the Green Arrow.  That was just fun to see.

Anyway, Dinah got her ability when she saw her partner (and lover) executed before her eyes.  And she has had revenge on her mind ever since.  Unfortunately for her, the man she is chasing also got an ability which allows him to disorient people using sonic waves.  The only good thing about this is that the sonic nullifier that was created to stop the Black Siren can also be used to stop either Dinah or the man she was chasing, who ends up dead after Dinah shoots him in the head.  I think it will be interesting to see her step into the role of the Black Canary now.  She is about where Oliver was when he first arrived in Starling City, which is vastly different than where Laurel ever was.  Seeing her step into Laurel's shoes and work with Oliver should prove to be very interesting.

I almost hate to say this, but Rene is growing on me.  I'm not saying that I love him or anything, but he is starting to become a decent member of the team.  He is following Oliver's orders and seems to be more aware that he needs to work well with others.  I wonder how he and Dinah will get along because they are both headstrong individuals.

Are we going to see Felicity the hacker come back?  She was so happy tonight when she was hacking the NSA, which was fun to see.  And she has a hacker collective who are trying to lead her back to her hacktivist past, which should prove an interesting story.  Will she use the collective to try and track down Prometheus after he manipulated Oliver into killing her boyfriend?  And is her father somehow involved with the group?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!