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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.11- Second Chances

Oliver and the gang search for a new Canary, Felicity finds a way to free Diggle, and past Oliver strikes a deal with Talia al-Ghul....

Well, this set of flashbacks is certainly working out well.  Where the flashbacks are concerned, we are obviously close to the pilot.  Oliver has gotten his hood and bow from Talia and she's offered to train him.  Interestingly, she also revealed that she trained Yao Fei.  Also, unless I am seriously mistaken, she used the Lazarus Pit much like R'as did.  So does that mean that Yao Fei was a member of the League?  Or did Talia train him after she left the League?  I should say presumably left the League, because she was never really mentioned by either Nyssa or R'as that I can remember.  I am really curious about her.

And Talia has obviously been keeping a close eye on Oliver.   Sheknows what happened to him on the island, what he did in Hong Kong, about his return to Starling City, and why he didn't stay there.  One has to wonder why she is keeping an eye on him.  Could she be trying to recruit him to join the League?  Or is she simply curious about this student of her student?  Lots of questions what we really need answers for.

And then there is Tina Boland, the false name for Dinah Drake.  That';s right ladies and gentlemen, we have the Black Canary back on Arrow.  And, for the first time I can remember off hand, Arrow has shiow The Accident from The Flash.  Turns out Dinah got her sonic ability the night of The Accident.  As an aside, I love the fact that the show can have the characters from the different shows interact even without having the actual actor on it.  Last night Vibe and Gypsy went to Supergirl's earth and tonight the Flash dropped off a note for Captain Singh that he was really talking with the Green Arrow.  That was just fun to see.

Anyway, Dinah got her ability when she saw her partner (and lover) executed before her eyes.  And she has had revenge on her mind ever since.  Unfortunately for her, the man she is chasing also got an ability which allows him to disorient people using sonic waves.  The only good thing about this is that the sonic nullifier that was created to stop the Black Siren can also be used to stop either Dinah or the man she was chasing, who ends up dead after Dinah shoots him in the head.  I think it will be interesting to see her step into the role of the Black Canary now.  She is about where Oliver was when he first arrived in Starling City, which is vastly different than where Laurel ever was.  Seeing her step into Laurel's shoes and work with Oliver should prove to be very interesting.

I almost hate to say this, but Rene is growing on me.  I'm not saying that I love him or anything, but he is starting to become a decent member of the team.  He is following Oliver's orders and seems to be more aware that he needs to work well with others.  I wonder how he and Dinah will get along because they are both headstrong individuals.

Are we going to see Felicity the hacker come back?  She was so happy tonight when she was hacking the NSA, which was fun to see.  And she has a hacker collective who are trying to lead her back to her hacktivist past, which should prove an interesting story.  Will she use the collective to try and track down Prometheus after he manipulated Oliver into killing her boyfriend?  And is her father somehow involved with the group?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next week!