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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.12- Bratva

Oliver and the gang chase Walker to Russia where Felicity and Diggle let out some darkness and Oliver  talks with them.

I'm not sure whether or not I agree with Oliver when it comes to his concerns about Diggle and Felicity going a bit dark.  I will say that Diggle did go too far, but that has more to do with the fact that he completely lost control and beat the crap out of the guy, which is a bad thing.  Felicity, on the other hand, was in complete control and threatened the guy and his family to make sure that they could stop the nuke.  Personally, I feel better about what Felicity did.  While it may not have been completely right, she was at least in control of herself and the situation. All told, I get where Oliver is coming from, but he needs to let them do their own things. Fortunately, Diggle figured out how to stop himself.  I am not sure that Felicity will figure that out anytime soon.

I am liking the new Black Canary.  She is very direct and doesn't put up with crap from Oliver.  I appreciated that she, like Laurel, speaks bluntly to him to snap him out of his bout of brooding.  I just hope that she sticks around and keeps his head on straight because he needs someone like her to challenge him the way Laurel did.  And she has an advantage because she doesn't have the baggage that Laurel had when it comes to her and Oliver's past.

I liked watching Rene and Lance together.  Rene has been getting better and better now that he has been trying.  While he may not have been nice to Lance, he did do some good prep.  After all, reporters might very easily bring up Laurel and Sara and Lance will need to figure out how to answer any questions about them.  And I loved the story Rene told about how he had met Lance when he was younger.  And using the story to help Lance was a nice touch.

Rory has left the team because his rag suit is no longer operational since he used it to contain a nuclear blast.  I have to wonder if the suit just got overloaded or what exactly happened.  It's mystical, which would make it unlikely that a nuke could overload it, but unless Rory's frame of mind is somehow causing the problem I am not sure what is going on.  Given what Rory learned about Felicity tonight, I wouldn't be super surprised if he wanted off the team and the suit responded by stopping working so he could leave.  Either that or he just flat-out lied.  I don't think he lied, because that seems really out of character for him.

In flashbacks, we got to see Oliver moving closer and closer to the Arrow persona.  For the first time (chronologically, since it was in a flashback), he told someone that they had failed Starling City.  This particular usage was a little wordier than he eventually uses, but it works.

So is the reporter only sleeping with Oliver to see if he is the Green Arrow?  She knows he was involved with the Bratva and that an Arrow-like figure was in Russia at the same time, so she has put two and two together and is coming really close to figuring out Oliver's secret.  I wonder if she'll keep it.

Until next week!