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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.14- The Sin-Eater

Oliver deals with attacks of varying types on several fronts while Felicity and Thea deal with some not-too-pleasant news...

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, I disagree with Oliver's assessment of Thea this week.  Did she go too far?  Maybe.  I am not sure if she was trying to get Susan fired, but sabotaging her career to ensure that Oliver and the team can be out there saving lives is worth it in my book.  Unfortunately, this was a case where there just weren't any good options.  If Oliver had been outed as the Green Arrow, it would have made it much harder for him to help people.  But Felicity and Thea couldn't simply delete the information from Susan's computer because she might have physical back-ups, so they had to do something else.  It wasn't nice or pretty, but it was necessary.  I'm sorry that she got her reputation ruined and that Oliver got his feelings hurt, but saving lives is more important in my book.  While I may not love it, I do understand it and think it was the best of a series of bad choices.

I think Oliver's problem here is that he, like Lance, is trying to take too much on himself.  He is constantly doing things to protect other people from bad consequences.  He has killed people or worse to make sure that Diggle and Felicity keep their hands clean.  He just couldn't handle that Thea and Felicity are doing the same thing for him here.  Not to mention that I seem to remember Thea warning Susan what would happen if Susan crossed her or did something to hurt Oliver.  Besides, Susan is not exactly Ms. Clean here.  She has been sleeping with Oliver while investigating him.  It may not be unethical (don't know journalistic ethical rules offhand) but it was definitely shady.

It was nice seeing Lance assure Dinah that he wants he to take up Laurel's mantle.  While he may not have used those words, that was definitely the intention of the last conversation he had with her.  She is an impressive fighter and has the scream, so she is most of the way there.  It also helps that she isn't super eager to replace Laurel because that shows that she is aware of the legacy she is carrying on.  She just needs to figure out how to give the Black Canary her own spin.

I was surprised at how close Oliver came to outing himself as the Green Arrow to the police captain.  Using the same words as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow was not smart, unless he is trying to tell the captain who he is.  And like I said, I think that would be a bad thing.

As for Prometheus, he is definitely stepping up his game against Oliver.  Sending that information to the police and then leaking it to the press was a major escalation.  He is now trying to actively and publicly ruin Oliver Queen as well as the Green Arrow.  I am curious about how Oliver will get out of this one.

And for the record, being blackmailed into helping Damien Dahrk is in no way like choosing to break laws.  In the one case, Lance was protecting lives, in the other hand Warner is only helping herself.  Very, very different.

Until next week!