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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.13- Attack on Gorilla City

Barry and the gang head to Earth-2 to rescue Harry while Jesse and Wally stay on Earth-1.

Grodd certainly learned from Thawne when it comes to deception.  He managed to trick Barry into defeating Solovar so that Grodd can take command of the gorilla armies and attack Central City on Earth-1.  That was very well played.  I'm not entirely sure why Barry defeating Solovar would scare the gorillas, particularly since he refused to kill Solovar and it was not an easy task.  I can only assume that Grodd did something to rile the gorillas up.  This is definitely going to be one of those not good for Central City things.  I am trying to figure out how the gang is going to defeat an army of giant gorillas.  Yes, there are three speedsters, but they are going to need a lot more to stop the gorilla army.  You might be able to use Catilin's frost abilities or Cisco's sonic blasts that we've seen Vibe use on Earth-2, but this is still going to be a major issue.

You have to admire the plan which got them out.  It was very, very simple.  Caitlin freezes Barry enough to make him appear dead, but not enough to kill him.  He then vibrates himself warm and releases everyone.  Very simple and that simplicity makes it elegant and a great idea.  It was so simple that I am surprised Grodd didn't see right through it.  Maybe he did and he let them go anyway or maybe he truly didn't.  Not sure if we'll ever know for sure.

The fight between Barry and Solovar was pretty cool.  Barry had some good moves, but solovar seemed to be able to anticipate all of them.  When he first charged Solovar, I have to wonder what he was thinking.  Granted, Barry is fast, but a move like that would almost be expected, which made it a fairly stupid idea.  The attempt at the lightning bolt was a better idea both because Barry was further away and because it allowed Barry to use his speed.  Unfortunately he took too long, so Solovar was able to get him.  The last punch was pretty cool.  Vibrating his fist to give it extra power was a great idea.

The Wally/Jesse subplot, while sort of fun, also seemed a little weird and didn't really fit in with the episode.  Nothing awful, it just felt like it didn't really fit at all.  Maybe it was just me, but I really wasn't feeling that at all.  It was nice to see the two of them click last year, but I am not feeling them as a couple or anything.  Friends, sure.  But they don;t seem to be a good fit as a couple.

Good episode, but it was a setup for next week and it felt like it.  There were some thrilling fighting moments, but nothing seemed particularly weighty or significant.It's like they're just clicking off items on the list of headlines so Barry can save Iris at the last second.  Although maybe that is the point.  By seeing the future, Barry might very well bring it into being by the steps he takes to avoid it.  Trippy, yes.  But interesting.

Until next week!