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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.14- Attack on Central City

With Grodd headed towards Central City, Barry has a choice to make, Cisco goes for some help, and a surprise occurs....

I want to spend most of my time talking about Barry's choice about whether or not to kill Grodd.  In one sense, the point is irrelevant because he figured out a different way t deal with the situation, but in another, it is super relevant.  While I do believe that, generally speaking, killing is wrong, there are times when it may be unavoidable.  In that I completely disagree with Iris and Harry.  I respect where they are coming from, but to state categorically that killing is *NEVER* an option is just wrong.  Sometimes, in order to protect one life or many lives, it might require that someone be killed.  After all, if we could have killed Hitler to save the Jews from the Holocaust, would that not really be a good thing?  Extreme example, I know, but the point is still valid.

I'm not saying that killing should be the first option, but it shouldn't be completely removed from the table.  I know that may be an unpopular opinion, but sometimes killing one to save innocent lives may be justified.  As long as the decision is not reached easily, I think should be an option in extreme cases.  In this case, yes, there was another option (having Salovar attack Grodd), which made killing Grodd irrelevant, so it was a good option.  But keep it on the table as a potential option.  I'm not talking about cold-blooded murder, but killing done to protect the innocent.  Big, big difference in my book.

I do have to admit that the idea of bringing Salovar to fight Grodd was a good idea.  That enabled everyone to avoid a massive battle that would have otherwise been overwhelming for the few people who were fighting the gorillas.  I'm just worried that, by giving Grodd to ARGUS, there is a chance that Grodd could come back and wreak even more havoc.

What Harry did to Wally was low.  Trying to use Wally to guilt Jessie into going back to Earth-2 was not a good thing.  I was glad that Jessie saw right through it and then proceeded to dress down Harry in front of everyone else, because he deserved it.  I'm just curious about why Savitar reappeared now and how he got out of wherever he was.

Barry proposing to Iris was not completely unexpected, but it was very sweet.  I am having a little trouble imagining her saying yes right now, but you never know.

Finally, I want to address an article I saw the other day asking if Barry might be the true villain of The Flash because he causes so many problems.  While I sort of get that view, I think the thing about Barry is that he is not perfect.  He sometimes makes bad choices, but they are never intentionally harmful.  At most, he is impulsive when he gets emotional and apt to make rash decisions.

Until next week!