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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.11- Insult to Injury

In the winter premiere, the fallout continues as Jesus fights for his life, Jude continues to make bacd choices, Callie steps into a whole mess of trouble, Brandon deals with what happened to him, and Stef and Lena are trying to hold everything together.

First off, I mistakenly said that this episode was the season premiere when I wrote that this review wasn't going up last night.  It is the *WINTER* premiere, not the season premiere.  My bad.

I do not know where to start with this episode.  So I think I'll start with Callie.  Causing the accident was not the best maneuver, but it was a totally understandable reaction given what was going on as was running away afterwards.  Callie wasn't trying to flee the accident, she was running from a perceived danger.  Unfortunately, I am not sure if the law sees it that way.  I do want to smack Aaron upside the head for telling Callie that she didn't break the law, because fleeing the scene of an accident is definitely illegal.  If he hadn't told her that, she wouldn't have gone to the police and wouldn't be facing a possible felony.

Of course, the reasons she went to the police was completely honorable.  She is trying to own up to what happened.  If she hadn't mentioned the murder, she would probably get out really fast.  Now the detective will do what he can to discredit her and possibly hurt Stef's career as well.  Not good.  Of course, Aaron did tell her not to mention the murder and to tell her moms, which Callie didn't do.  And they weren't told because Stef sad that they couldn't handle anything else.  Of such stuff drama is made.  Callie just needs to accept that drama and trouble follow along behind her like overeager little puppies.  Sucks to be her.

And I was glad that Aaron told her off for outing him as trans.  He's right, in some places it can be dangerous to be trans.  Also, as I said in my last review (and as he said in the episode), that type of information should only be revealed by the person whose story it is, just like being gay, lesbian, etc.  If it's not your story, don't share it.  Period.  And I was annoyed at AJ for apologizing to Aaron for insulting him about his size because he is trans.  A trans man is still and man and a trans woman is still a woman.  Treat them the same way you would treat anyone else.

So Brandon and Cortney slept together and then she promptly told him that it was over.  Ok, so not sorry to see he go.  Did Brandon make bad decisions in the first half of the season?  Yes.  But she kept accepting his help and deflecting criticism and now plays the martyr.  Sorry, but I just don't accept that.  I do hope she doesn't come back because what she did was just mean.

Jude almost slept with Noah on another person's boat after the two of them got high.  If this is the type of behavior Jude is going to display, I feel so sorry for Lena and Stef.  I know that he is growing up and making mistakes, but Noah is a bad influence on Jude.  I get that he is, in many ways, the polar opposite of Connor, which is part of the reason Jude likes him.  But nothing here bodes well for a future relationship.  I also keep forgetting how much Hayden has grown up.  His voice is really deepening, which is always surprising after much time away.

Was emma unfair to Mariana?  Sort of.  As I noted in the last review, what happened to Jesus was more the result of a series of bad decisions than a single decision by a single person.  Mariana so should have cut off contact with Nick long before she actually did so.  By stringing him along and playing into his fantasy, she allowed the situation to spiral completely out of control.  Now, Jesus does bear some blame for attacking Nick without figuring out what was going on.  The reaction was understandable, but it led to the situation we are in now, which is not good.

Basically, when Nick hit Jesus, he managed to land a punch right around the spot where the nail went into Jesus' head which caused his brain to swell and caused him to have seizures.  So the doctors had to put a bolt into his head to monitor the pressure and they placed Jesus in the ICU.  And given the list of potential issues Stef rattled off, it is no wonder she and Lena are scared.

And Lena was pissed at Mariana, and rightfully so.  Taking prescriptions that are not yours is never a good thing.  Prescriptions are drugs and carry all of the attendant risks that drugs have.  Fortunately, they don't seem to have made a lasting impact, but that remains to be seen.

Starting next week, I will have the reviews out Tuesday nights, so until then!