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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.12- Dream a Little Dream

Callie gets in more trouble than she bargained for, Jesus has a troubling dream, Mariana confronts her guilt, Brandon has word for Jude, and Lena meets someone interesting.

I am so not sure about how to respond to the whole Callie situation.  I get that the police weren't required to bring in Stef and Lena since Callie wasn't actually arrested, but having a minor sign an incriminating statement without their parents (or a parent) present strikes me as not entirely kosher, particularly since the cop whose been covering up everything was involved in the process.  And then there was the judges' pronouncement that Callie was presumed guilty and would have to prove her innocence.  That may be accurate in juvenile court, but it seems like a very odd statement since the US justice system (at least for adults) is supposed to assume innocence.  And why are they trying Callie as an adult?  Their whole case is a "he said, she said", which is never the strongest case.  I get that Callie is already under suspicion because she was a foster kid and she has a record, but even a cursory review of her records would show that a lot has changed for her.  I have to wonder how much Detective Johnson is pushing behind the scenes in order to discredit Callie and Stef.

And that was a very weird dream that Jesus had.  I get the whole thing about him feeling like he failed Mariana, but some of the other things (like Brandon and Emma having sex!) were just odd.  I'm not sure if they were all supposed to be things he is literally feeling or if they are just manifestations of insecurities, like he might be afraid that Emma will dump him to be with someone else.  And when he woke up, I am trying to figure out if he was actually babbling or just having trouble speaking because he had just woken up.

Poor Stef and Lena just keep on having crap piled up on top of them, so I am not at all surprised that Lena started to fall apart.  Are the Adams-Fosters making bad decisions?  Yes.  I do have to say that a lot of the decisions; particularly where Brandon, Callie, and Jesus are concerned; tend to be more in the nature of bad decisions meant for good reasons, such as protecting a loved one.  Mariana and Jude, on the other hand, seem to be making the more typical self-centered teen bad decisions.  The problem is that Brandon, Callie, and Jesus try so hard to protect other people that they tend to mess up in spectacular ways that really get them in trouble.  Witness Callie going to the police to report what happened or Brandon taking the test to get money for Cortney.  They're not bad kids, they're just not great at making decisions.

It was nice to see Brandon politely tell Jude off.  While Jude has not been an awful person, he has been a little bit of a jerk to people recently.  I'm not sure if he's trying to impress Noah or is still heartbroken over losing Connor and Jack, but he has changed.  Of course, there is also the fact that he is becoming an adolescent with all of the attendant issues, so we can't say it is all one thing.  The fact that he did the dishes was a nice thing, but it is premature to say that it actually means anything.

I can't believe that Mariana had sex with Mat right then.  With her brother in the hospital and after everything that happened with Nick, I get that she was afraid of losing Mat.  But having sex with him right then seems to say that she was having sex to avoid losing him, which is never a good reason to have sex.  Here's hoping that she's not actually pregnant, because that would make things really weird.

So Lena met the ghost of the woman's dead mother?  That was odd.  Nothing else to say about it, because it was just odd.

Until next week!