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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.13- Cruel and Unusual

Stef and Lena deal with the secrets swirling around, Robert reappears, Mike has a proposal for Ana, and Jesus' future is uncertain...

Sorry, but I feel absolutely zero sympathy for Robert.  He only wants to be Callie's dad at certain time, generally when he thinks she needs rescuing.  He abandoned her and her mother when she was young and never sought her out.  Then he tried to take her away from the Adams-Fosters and ultimately gave up all his parental rights.  So he has no business demanding information from Stef and Lena.  He lost the moral right when he abandoned her years ago and he lost the legal rights when he signed away his parental rights.  So sorry, but he gets nothing from me.  And if he tries to take Callie away again, I hope he crashes and burns.

Speaking of Callie, her life sucks royally at the moment.  She is trying to keep her head down in juvie, but the one guard framed her and his actions played a definite part in getting her charged as an adult by the court.  I get that, from the outside, it looks like Callie hasn't changed, but if the judge took even a second to consider her recent activities, I think he would have come to a different conclusion.  Instead, we have a system that takes the word of a white guy who looks spotless because he's been protected by a crooked cop over the word of a young woman who had the misfortune to grow up in the system and has suffered because of it.  That completely sucks.  I just hope that they figure out some way to impeach the guy's testimony or expose the detective's corruption so they can save Callie.

I get why Stef wants to remove the doors, but having no doors wouldn't have prevented anything from happening.  Brandon still would have taken the SAT for the guy, Jude still would have smoked pot, and Mariana still would have seen Nick.  All she is doing is causing more issues with the kids in the house.  I just hope she takes the time to think about everything and calmly consider what she is doing.

Stef and Lena are going to be in for a long, tough road.  Lena is taking a leave of absence to care for Jesus, who is in need of full time medical care.  I just hope that he doesn't have too many mood swings, but I suspect that the worst is definitely yet to come.  The one thing that concerns me is how they are going to play things.  A recovery like the one Jesus faces is potentially really, really long term.  Are they really going to have Noah play recovery for that long?  Or are they going to do some sort of time jump?  I almost wonder if they are going to send Callie away for a while and use that as a time jump to get her out and have Jesus mostly recovered.  Guess we'll find out.

So, Mariana got tampons; not a pregnancy test; from Emma last week.  Does this mean that Emma might be pregnant?  Given the preview for next week, that is highly likely.  That would be totally awkward for everyone because Jesus will be incapable of helping out for the foreseeable future.  I did snerk during the conversation between Brandon and Mat.  That was pretty amusing because they were both so profoundly uncomfortable.  Asking about your sisters sex life cannot be an easy conversation.

Should Ana move in with Mike?  Seeing as we haven't seen much of either of them recently, this seemed to come out of left field.  I was happy to see that Mike is willing to adopt AJ.  I could have sworn this was broached before, but it's been a while so maybe I am wrong.

As for Jude and Noah, I am still not terribly fond of Noah, but I am still upset about everything that happened with Connor, so I am not exactly objective here.  I am not terribly happy with how Noah acts, but if he makes Jude happy and doesn't cause more problems, I guess I can deal with him.

Until next week!