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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 4.14- Doors and Windows

The family deals with what happened to Jesus, Callie tries to figure out what to do next, and Stef receives some good news....

While I understand what the therapist is saying, I don't really agree with him.  Stef and Lena are wonderful parents with kids who are acting fairly typically for teenagers with a little more drama than usual.  They certainly do not cut off any avenues of communication with their kids.  And then there was Mariana's reaction to the therapist talking to her about getting her power back.  Her attitude was almost more of a self-satisfied "and in your face I rub it!" than anything else, and it really rubbed me wrong.  I love Mariana's brand of sassiness, but this came off (to me anyway) more like bitchiness than anything else.

And was I wrong last week.  I had assumed that they would do some sort of time jump to go through Callie being in jail or something but, barring some really weird twist, that isn't going to happen because Robert paid everyone's medical bills.  It was an oddly unsatisfying ending to the story.  Granted, it did get Callie to work on her new senior project with aaron and an interesting project it was.  Although this is her 3rd or 4th senior project, so I hope this one sticks.  This time she used her legal records to line the "walls" of a solitary confinement cell.  It was definitely an interesting idea.

Please don't tell me they are introducing another love interest for Brandon already.  Just give the guy a rest.  What I do hope they are doing is giving him a new direction to go in.  If he can take his music and use it to help people through music therapy, that will definitely give him a new way to go.  Using the principles to help Jesus was a smart move.

Speaking of Jesus, he is certainly not having a fun time.  He is immensely frustrated with the glacial progress he is making and is taking it out on Lena.  It cannot be fun to be in her shoes right now.  She has gone from being the vice-principal of a charter school to being a nursemaid for her teenage son.  Granted, he really does need the help right now, but it still cannot be fun.  I just hope that Stef and the rest of the family see the trouble she is having and help her out the way Brandon did.

And it was nice to finally see the family catch a bit of a break.  Stef got her promotion to detective, which will be a good thing because it will bring in more money.  She also seems to plan on using it to investigate everything that is going on with the murder Callie's foster brother was accused of committing.  I have to wonder if Callie was right when she accused the detective of covering things up.  I know a videotape can't be the easiest thing to fake, but; given what we have seen of him so far; I wouldn't put anything past him,  I almost have to wonder if Stef and Lena lied to Callie about the alibi being solid in order to get her to take the deal so that they wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.

And Emma is apparently pregnant with Jesus' baby.  This is so not going to go well.  Unfortunately for her and Brandon, Jesus heard them talking and seems to be assuming the worst about what is going on.  This will not be pretty.

Until next week!