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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.15- Fighting Fire With Fire

The identity of Prometheus is revealed, the conflict over Susan continues, Oliver's impeachment proceeds, and Oliver makes a surprising move.

So Adrian Chase is Prometheus?  That was surprising because I could have sworn they said earlier in the season (in interviews, not on the show) that he was the Vigilante.  That definitely threw me for a loop.  Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a brilliant move, but it still threw me.  Now I am wondering who the Vigilante is.  I had been making some assumptions because I thought Chase was the Vigilante, but now that we know he is not, I am wondering why the Vigilante does what he does.  I can understand the DA wanting to make sure criminals get punished, so him being the Vigilante makes sense.  But since he is Prometheus, that amkes the motives of the Vigilante a little murkier.  Very intriguing.

While I am totally on board with what Thea and Felicity did to Susan last week, I think their plan to blackmail the one council member was definitely going too far.  Last week, they were doing what they had to do to ensure that the Green Arrow could continue to operate and save people.  This week, they were only trying to save the skin of the mayor, so the stakes were much lower and such drastic action was not called for.  I totally get why they wanted to do it, and I agree to a degree, but it was definitely a different story than last weeks events with Susan and not justified.

Wish I could have said that I was surprised that Paul was divorcing Curtis.  Given how heavily they were focusing on the fact that Paul would only call Curtis to forgive him, I knew the opposite was going to happen.  Still seriously sucks, but there it is.  Curtis' plan to try and make sure that Paul's fears would be assuaged and Curtis could still help the team was pretty good.  Unfortunately, Paul never even gave him a chance to lay it all out.  Not happy with Paul right now.

I was a little surprised that Oliver threw the Green Arrow under the bus.  First the Arrow was framed by R'as in season 3 and now Oliver has thrown the Green Arrow overboard.  How many times can he create a new vigilante?  Eventually, someone is going to figure out that they are all the same person.  While I was not fond of Thea's "throw Malone under the bus" idea, even that was a better plan.  Or just tell everyone that Prometheus tricked the Green Arrow by dressing Malone up as him.  Explaining that would make the cover-up make more sense.  Since the whole thing was an accident, I think the public would be more forgiving.  Unfortunately, since Chase is Prometheus, I have no doubt that he has had this whole thing planned out from the beginning.

Until next week!