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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.15- The Wrath of Savitar

Savitar makes his move and the team is rocked by revelations from both Barry and Wally...

First, I need to talk about Barry and Iris.  While I can sort of understand why she is upset about his timing in asking her to marry him, the whole thing strikes me as a bit overblown.  he has always loved her, so the fact that the timing of his asking her to marry him has to do with saving her seems to be very secondary to me.  Barry and the gang have been pulling out all the stops to save her, so trying this particular one seems to be a non-issue unless you are looking for a reason to not marry.  The question to ask before marrying someone is whether or not you love them and want to spend your life with them.  So, yeah, I think that Iris was making a big deal out of nothing.

And I am pissed at Wally for screwing things up.  I get that he was upset about Barry benching him, but Barry was absolutely right.  Savitar was screwing with Wally's mind, which meant that Wally couldn't be trusted.  Would Wally have purposely hurt the gang?   No, but as he demonstrated, he could be manipulated into doing tremendous harm.  His reason for telling everyone about the lack of ring on Iris' hand was just to get back at Barry, which is a really shitty move.  After all, there could be a million reasons for the lack of a ring.  It could have fallen off, it could have been being resized, etc.  Am I sorry he got sucked into the Speed Force the way he was?  Yeah, but what he did to Barry and Iris was just not a good thing to do.

Now that Savitar is loose in the world, things are going to get interesting.  I've seen some people speculate that maybe Wally is Savitar.  Given how things went down this week, it is possible that when Wally was sucked into the Speed Force, he blamed Barry for what happened and decided to get his revenge.  Obviously that is completely unknown at this point, but it is possible.  Otherwise, it would seem that we have someone else completely as Savitar.  If Wally is Savitar, than that would explain why Wally was targeted: because Savitar knew what Wally would do because he had already done it.  And by being stuck in the Speed Force, he could appear at various points in time, hence being called the first speedster.

You had to feel sorry for poor Julian.  He got stuck being the voice of Savitar not once, but twice and he was clearly unhappy about it.  The gang had better be *really* nice to him from here on out because he keeps doing things to help them after a certain amount of coercion, no matter how gentle it was.

Next week Barry goes into the Speed Force to get Wally and then we hit the musical crossover! Until then!