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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.16- Into the Speed Force

Barry goes into the Speed Force to rescue Wally and meets a few unexpected people while Jessie stays behind to protect Earth...

Let's start with Jessie.  I can't say I was surprised at how stubborn she was about wanting to confront Savitar, but I was a a little surprised to hear them think that they were facing a literal deity.  I had assumed that they would have realized that he was not a literal deity, otherwise how could he have been trapped in the Speed Force and why would he have armor?  And don't forget that both Barry and Jay have fought Savitar and at some point.  So the idea that HR's inspiration to attack Savitar was somehow completely revelatory struck me as being really weird.

As for Barry, here's hoping he learned the right lessons from the Speed Force.  While I get the he does need to take responsibility for his own actions, I'm not sure not getting back together with Iris was the right decision.  If he just needs the time to reflect on what happened in the Speed Force, cool.  Maybe he wants to see if by setting Iris aside he can save her from Savitar.  At this point, who knows?

I did like that all three people who Barry saw in the Speed Force were people inspired to do something good because of him.  Eddie killed himself to prevent Eobard from killing Barry.  Ronnie sacrificed himself to close the vortex that linked Earths 1 and 2.  And Snart sacrificed himself because he wanted to imitate Barry and help other people.  Barry has also inspired the people closest to him to be the best people that they can be.  Does Barry always live up to his potential?  Nope.  But he does always try and that is the important part.  Barry makes stupid decisions (i.e. saving his mom) that end up having ramifications that are far beyond what he could hav imagined.  I truly believe that he does not quite grasp how much power he truly has, so he make bad choices and doesn't think his actions through.  When he does, he makes good choices.  When he acts rashly is when he tends to screw things up.

I think the question we really want answered is: Who is Savitar?  The one thing we know for sure is that Savitar is a speedster and is human.  I think it is probably safe to say that Savitar is probably one of the speedsters we have already met, meaning that Barry, Wally, Jessie, or Jay is probably Savitar.  It could be Hunter Zolomon, but I sort of doubt it since he was revealed to have been Zoom last season.  Yes, Savitar could be a completely different speedster who we will meet (again) at some future point, but I am suspecting that this is not the case.  There really is no way to try and say who it is because there haven't really been any clues yet.  All we know is that Savitar hates Barry's guts, was trapped in the Speed Force, and claims to be the first speedster.  Hopefully we'll find ouit relatively soon, because there aren't a lot of episodes left.

Next week is the musical episode.  See you then!