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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.20- Underneath

Oliver and Felicity get lots of enforced alone time (thanks to Chase) while the gang tries to figure out how to rescue them and Diggle and Lyla try to work through their differences regarding ARGUS....

This was an episode that wasn't so much about moving the overall story along as much as it was cleaning up the personal messes between the gang in order to allow them to focus on the bigger picture.

First off, I was so glad to see Lyla call out Diggle on his behavior.  Is she running ARGUS the way he wants her to?  No and she is also not running it in the most moral way, mainly because she is operating in a world of grey.  And, as she pointed out, Diggle has tended to support Oliver in most (but not all) of his decisions, so she; as his wife; deserves to receive the same consideration, at the very least.  I know I harp on him a lot, so it was nice to see someone on the show call him out on this sort of thing.  As for the whole stealing and improving Curtis' tech thing, I think that would barely have been mentioned if he hadn't already been upset at her, so I won't even really look at that.

Then there is Oliver and Felicity.  It was nice to see the two of them talk about what has happened between them and for Felicity to acknowledge that Oliver's keeping William a secret wasn't that big a deal.  I was not fond of the way they retconned her reasons though.  Last year, she was fairly specific that she was upset that he hadn't included her in any decisions and now they are having her say that she was really upset that he didn't trust her enough to tell her about him.  Personally, I think both are bogus.  The idea that you don't keep secrets from someone you trust is not really a good one.  Everyone (well, most people) is going to keep something from people around them, no matter how much they trust them.  They may be embarrassed, they may just not want to talk about it, or it may be one of a million other things.  It doesn't automatically indicate a lack of trust.

It was good that Oliver told Felicity what Chase had done to him and what he learned about his inspiration for becoming the Hood in the first place.  That was something that did need to be shared because that sort of secret could really eat away at everything.  And  she handled the whole thing perfectly.  She said what a lot of people have said, which is that he really is not as bad as he sees himself to be.  Is he perfect?  Hell no.  But he is not a total monster.  He has done some really heinous things and some things that cross moral lines, that is for sure.  And while his initial reasons may not have been the best reasons, the reasons for doing what he is doing have changed over time.  And that is a good thing.

I hope they deal a little more with the storyline they touched on briefly about the criminals that Chase has put away.  That sort of story could really go far in powering a season long arc of trying to recapture people that were released after it was revealed that Chase is Prometheus.

Until next week!