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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Review of Arrow 5.22- Honor Thy Fathers

Mayor Queen deals with the fallout of Chase being revealed as Prometheus while Oliver and Thea find out something disturbing about their father and the Green Arrow and his crew rush to stop a horrific plan...

Oliver certainly had his work cut out for him tonight.  As mentioned last week, there was some major fallout from the revelation that Chase is Prometheus.  Because he was the DA, all of his prosecutions are now suspect, so 36 people were freed.  While Oliver and the gang managed to capture one tonight, I am more than willing to bet that this storyline will be a major role in next season, particularly if (as I've heard) the Vigilante plays a role in next season.

This problem is still not a major issue yet, but Oliver and Thea faced an earth-shaking revelation tonight.  In 2002, Robert Queen got in an argument with a city councilman and the councilman died.  While the death was an accident, that doesn't prevent Thea from being even mor3e convinced that she is descended from, or raised by, monsters, which means that she is one too.  I have to admit to rolling my eyes at that one.  I get why she and Oliver would be upset about what happened, and the fact that it was covered up, but it was clearly an accident.  That means that Robert Queen is not a monster because of this, if he is at all.  I think Oliver had it right when he explained that it just means that Robert, like Moira, was a complex person who didn't always do the right thing.

I think the problem with Thea is similar to the problem with Diggle.  Both of them view the world in very binary, black-and-white terms.  You are good or bad, evil or not, a monster or a savior, but not something in between.  The problem is that most people really are somewhere in between.  They aren't perfect, but they're not monsters either.  I also think that Thea feels guilty about things she has done in the past, so she is looking for an excuse to hate herself, not unlike Oliver a few episodes ago.  They both need to accept that they have done some wrong and some right and really focus on how they help people.  As Oliver noted, they are not their parents, nor are they defined by their parents' actions, unless they choose to define themselves that way.  They are each their own person who must stand or fall based on what they have done, not what their parents have done.

I do admire how Oliver managed to capture Chase.  However, I have to wonder (given the look on his face at then end of the episode and the preview for next' week's episode) if Chase already knew how his dad felt about him or if Chase planted that story in order to make Oliver think he had a leg up on Chase.  The entire thing was way too easy.  And easy, in this world, makes me very, very nervous.

I really hope that Rene is ok.  Not showing up for the hearing to get his daughter, even given how nervous he was early in the episode, is not a good thing.  Here's hoping that something didn't happen to him.

And Kovar is on Lian Yu with Oliver?  That is so not a good thing.....

Until next week!