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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Review of The Flash 3.21- Cause and Effect

Barry finds out why the other Barry became Savitar which causes Julian and Cisco to take drastic actions to stop the events from unfolding....

So, the Barry who became Savitar is not an alternate version of Barry, but a time remnant of Future Barry who was left over after Barry created Flashpoint in order to stop Savitar.  This is a perfect illustration of something I have talked about before.  With all of the time travel that takes place on this show, sometime the effect of an action precedes the cause.  So here's what happened:

In order to stop Savitar, Future Barry created time remnants of himself much like Barry did last year when he was racing Zoom.  Of these time remnants, one survived and was; for some reason; cast aside because he wasn't the "real Barry".  To get revenge, he became Savitar and went back in time in order to get revenge on Barry and force him to create more time remnants so that one of them will become Savitar and start the cycle all over again, thus creating what Cisco called a "closed loop" or; in a less elegant form; a perpetual series of events where each cause creates an effect which then causes the cause.  Yeah, take a second to wrap your mind around that one.

At this point, the only way to stop Savitar will be for Barry to somehow break the cycle by not using time remnants to fight Savitar.  Which leads to an interesting question: why isn't the Black Flash after Savitar the way it was after Thawne on Legends?  Or maybe that is the key to defeating Savitar.  If the Black Flash comes after Savitar, then Barry can defeat Savitar without creating a new one.  But allow me to speculate a little further.  What if the "casting off" Savitar referred to was an attempt by the Black Flash to destroy the time remnant?  That would explain the scars on his face and why Savitar is in the suit.  The suit might somehow protect him from the Black Flash.  I know it is all highly speculative at this point, but it is worth considering.

Then we have Cisco and Julian's attempt to try and stop Savitar.  The idea wasn't a bad one per se, but it wasn't terribly well thought either.  By preventing Barry from creating memories, it would doom him to only ever knowing what he knows now, which would mean that any future villains Barry would have met would have an advantage because he wouldn't necessarily remember that they are villains (as one example).  The fact that it backfired so spectacularly was sort of amusing.

It was fun to see Barry be the way he was in the first season, when his powers were new and he was discovering everything for the first time.  He was so happy with everything that was going on and his sheer joy at being able to speed around was just fun to watch.  Unfortunately, the other unintended side effect of the attempt was to strip Wally of his powers because, without Savitar to give him his powers in this timeline, Wally was powerless.  So, not the worst idea in the world, but not well thought through and with horrible side effects.

It was also fun to see HR and Brand try and resist the romance and see how HR's word gave her the spark she needed to complete the Speed Bazooka.  I am definitely enjoying watching this.  I don't think she'll stick around, so I'll enjoy this while I have it.

Until next week!