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Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Review of Teen Wolf 6.11- Said the Spider to the Fly

The last ten episode premiere and things get going just as Scott, Malia, and Lydia are looking to leave....

First, I need to say how much it sucks that Dylan is a "Special Guest Star".I know that with the accident and the movies he is in, his time was limited, but I was hoping he could continue to be credited as a star of the show, particularly since he is one of the three remaining stars from the pilot.  Without him, the show isn't nearly as good because it seems to get way too dark.  Hopefully they can lighten things up a bit.  That said, I did treasure the few moments we had with him in the end.  The FBI has no idea what they're getting with him.

I hafta feel sorry for Scott, Malia, and Lydia.  They are all ready to go and then they get drawn back in by the latest craziness.  I loved that Malia and Scott were preparing their moms for their departure.  I loved it even more when Melissa showed Scott those vials of herbs and what not she has.  That was amusing as was the moment when she used the shock stick on him.  Lydia's mom, on the other hand, is probably racking up frequent flyer miles to the land of denial.  I get that her primary job is to keep the school going and safe, but given what has happened in Beacon Hills, being prepared is a good idea/

I feel sorry for Liam that Hayden left, but I can't say that I'll miss her.  Sorry, but she was never my favorite character.  It would have been nice to see her leave, but I guess that couldn't happen.  All that said, it will be good for Liam to step up .  Or it would be if Scott actually leaves.  Apparently, when they released Stiles, something else escaped from the hunt as well.  Something that revived a Hellhound that was imprisoned in Eichen House.  Whatever that something is, it cannot be a good thing.  Unfortunately, a Argent affiliated hunter, posing as the guidance counselor (what is it with people posing as guidance counselors anyway?), killed it.  This  cannot be a good thing, particularly considering the previews showing that Grandpa Argent appears to be back with a vengeance.

Speaking of Liam, he needs to get himself back under control again.  Twice tonight, he nearly lost control.  Once on the lacrosse field and once in the hospital.  Luckily Scott was there (as the assistant coach!) for the first and Liam managed to run away in the hospital.  Otherwise there could have been some very bad things going down.

Given the one kid in the guidance counselor's office, the students of BHHS are definitely starting to take notice of the events going on around them.  They may not be able to explain everything, but they know that weird stuff is going on and they are scared of whatever it is.  It would be great if the whole student body fought against whatever is coming, a la BtVS' "Graduation Day".

Derek is wanted for mass murder and Stiles knows about it.  I'm wondering if this mass murder is actually the destruction of some bad beings or if he is being framed for something.  My guess would be the second, but it is possible that it is the first.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Given the previews we will see Kate, Ethan (I think Ethan is the one still alive), Jackson, Grandpa Argent, Miss Blake, and Derek come back.  I am curious about Miss Blake since Peter ripped her throat open, but maybe it is some sort of hallucination.  Or maybe he thought he killed her but he didn't.  Can't wait to see!

Until next week!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.03- Contact

Callie and Brandon take steps forward in their respective relationships; Mariana, Jude, and Lena fight for Anchor Beach; and Jesus has some trouble....

The board of Anchor Beach is being beyond awful at this point.  The Board of Education has decided that Monte is still the principal and that she can't be fired because of the LGBT sex ed class since it wasn't a school sponsored event.  Unfortunately, the board has suspended her due to other issues and flat out told her and Lena that they would find a reason to fire her and that they would be keeping an eye on Lena.  I wish there was a way to use that sort of thing to nullify the vote, but being asses is not a legal reason to do so.  And the fact that the board went to the parents of students who didn't get the signed slips in order to rile them up to complain about Monte is ridiculous.  I just wish that something could be done, but I don't know what that could be.

And Drew is systematically shutting down all protest at the school.  He has installed cameras (ostensibly for security purposes), shut down the school paper, shut down the STEM team after Mariana delivered the underground newspaper as a flyer, and has threatened to shut down the prom if the underground paper goes out again.  When you couple this with the way the board is acting, it shows a leadership issue with the school.  Drew is acting like a dictator and is doing whatever he can do to make sure that the school goes private.  It is completely disgusting.

I like the way that Callie is allowing the family to take pictures of her to use for her self-portrait.  I think it would be really cool if she were to take a bunch of the pictures and put them together in some sort of geometric shape or slideshow in order to show the different sides that she has.  And then there was her date with Aaron.  I get why she was unhappy with not knowing anything, but she really should have told him ahead of time why she wanted to know what was going on because what she had told him made it sound like she was ok with not knowing.  At least they had that nice talk afterwards where she laid out what she needed.

And then there was Brandon and Grace.  To be honest, I can't say that I am surprised that he thought she wanted him to come over for sex.  After all, the last few times we have seen her invite him over, she wanted to have sex with him, so it was not exactly an illogical assumption.  That being said, it probably would have been better for him to check ahead of time to be sure.  I loved the scene where the two of them were apologizing via song.  That was really, really cute.

Jude really needs to start paying more attention to Noah.  Playing that game on his phone all the time is not going to be good for their relationship.  I don't know if Jude is still not quite over Connor or what, but he needs to get serious if he wants to keep Noah as his boyfriend.  The fact that he couldn't even stay off of his phone for a day is not a good sign at all.

And then there is Jesus.  I feel sorry that he overheard Stef and Lena talking, but he does definitely have problems.  Tess may be right and school may be good for him, but I am not sure if all the issues at anchor Beach are good for him right now.  He does need something to do though.

I would feel sorrier for Mariana if she didn't create problems for herself.  I appreciate that she is smart and likes to take charge, but she can be very, very pushy sometimes and is a serious control freak.  While these are not necessarily bad, when they are coupled with her total outspokenness and inability to keep anything a secret, they can cause her problems.  And forging Lena's (I think it was Lena's anyway) signature on that permission form was so not a smart move.  This is going to be trouble.

Until next week!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.02- Exterminate Her

The Fosters get a new neighbor who is not so new to someone in the house, Callie starts to take control of her life, Jesus learns a secret, and Brandon discovers something interesting.

So, the wife of the married couple who moves in next to the Fosters knows Stef somehow.  I am wondering if she is the girl Stef had a crush on that caused her father to send her to be "cured".  That would explain the awkwardness of their finally meeting each other.  Other than that, the new neighbors seem great.  Granted, the wife stuck her foot in her mouth when she talked about Anchor Beach (not that she was entirely wrong!), but she seemed genuinely sorry that she did so.  And the husband offered to fix the fence for free, which is cool.  We need backstory ASAP!

I get that Jesus is frustrated that people are treating him differently, but he had a massive injury and has a tendency to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, so no, I can't say I blame anyone for keeping things from him.  If he really wants to have people stop hiding things from him, he needs to accept that he has changed and deal with stuff.  And yes, I know that it is easier said than done, but he can't go back to the way things were because things are very different now.  And witnessing the two tantrums he's had in the last two weeks, it's hard to blame people for wanting to avoid upsetting him.

As for the school paper, I am not entirely sure we can trust Drew when he said that a student wrote the op-ed.  Sorry, but the guy has proven himself to be underhanded, slimy, and generally completely untrustworthy.  He is doing everything in his power to make sure that the privatization goes through, which leads me to wonder if he has any skin in the game or is earning something from Nick's dad.  While I can't say I like the whole hacking into the school's email thing, it was worth it just so that Lena could throw Drew's words back in his face.  That was fun.

I can't believe that Brandon didn't pick up on the total fakeness of the whole "my ex handcuffed me to the bed in my sexy underwear" story.  I just hung my head for a sec when he left her apartment.  Granted, he had an interview, but at least arrange an assignation for later!  I did love that Callie pointed out to him what he obviously missed/

As for Callie, she had a big week.  She is auditing an art class. and for a bit it looked like Robert paid to get her into the class.  I get why she was upset about that because Robert does have a history of trying to buy his daughter and Callie out of trouble.  I know he means the best, but he really needs to get another schtick.  At least he didn't pay anyone off this time, so that is a good thing.  Callie just needs to get her inspiration going because she is really talented as an artist.  I really think that she needs to figure out a way to marry her art with her passion for helping other people.  If she can use her art to help people, than maybe she won't keep putting herself in danger.

Then there's Gabe.  On the one hand, keeping something from your kid (whether or not you are the parent) is never an easy thing to do.  On the other, he really should have respected Stef and Lena's wishes to stay out of it.  Of course, if Mariana hadn't have opened her mouth and told Gabe about Jesus' potential problem, then he wouldn't have known anything to lie about, so there is another issue we can lay at her door.  I know I rag on her a lot, but she really earns it because she is constitutionally incapable of keeping a secret.  While her being bossy in not alway a bad thing, the problem is that she has caused problems with people in the past because of her controlling tendencies.  And I really think that Jesus wants to do this on his own, if only to prove that he can.  Telling Mariana that he will work with Emma had to hurt though.  Maybe he could have asked one of his moms for help?

Until next week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.01- Resist

Sorry this is late, but I wasn't able to watch the episode last night, so here is my review of the 5th season premiere....

While Stef desperately searches for Callie (who is in way over her head), Brandon and Emma look for an incensed Jesus while Lena tries to deal with protesters (including Jude) led by Mariana at Anchor Beach...

Callie got herself in so far over her head that I am a little surprised she emerged unscathed.  Well, physically unscathed anyway.  It's a good thing she thinks fast on her feet, because she needed every ounce of strength and cunning she had tonight.  Did she do a good thing?  Yes.  Was it the right thing?  That is a far trickier question.  Stef was right when she observed that Callie doesn't value her own life as highly as she does others.  I don't think it's that Callie doesn't care about herself, rather it is that she has an intense need to protect other people and that need seems to take precedence over her own safety.  She got out this time, but that was in large part due to Diamond sending that text.  I really hope she takes stock of her life and begins to realize that she needs to be smarter about how she helps people.

Brandon is similar to Callie in this respect, although his need seems to spring from a different place.  Callie grew up way too quickly because she had to protect Jude in the different houses she was in.  Brandon, on the other hand, had to grow up relatively quickly because of his dad's drinking and because he was often overlooked while the twins were being taken care of.  I've seen other people say Brandon shouldn't have hidden Emma's pregnancy from Jesus, but I completely disagree.  The secret was Emma's to share when she felt ready, so he was doing the right thing.  And while I understand that Jesus' TBI is a huge mitigating factor here, I think Brandon has every right to be mad at Jesus for destroying his room.  I think this issue is going to be with them for quite some time.

As for the protest, I think that storyline is going to be another major one this season.  You have the school board and Nick's dad who are looking to privatize the school so it will be more to their liking while Monte, Lena, the parents, and students are going to be fighting this tooth and nail.  Since the vote was technically invalid since Monte is technically principal, there is a chance that they can win, but I don't know how big of a chance they actually have.  As I said in the last review, what the board did in closing the meeting was technically legal, but it was also a disgusting thing to do.  I am half expecting some sort of legal battle over the school.  And poor Jude got maced after Nick's dad tried to shove Mariana aside.  Then when Drew had the temerity to claim that the protesters had escalated the whole situation....just smdh.

I did definitely enjoy watching Gabe and Ana talking about their difficulties and frustrations about the twins.  I do not envy the situation that they are in.  Having teenagers semi-dropped in your lap is a lot to deal with and I think they are doing an admirable job.  They are helping out when they can without stepping in as parents and stepping on Stef and Lena's toes.  It'll be nice for them to stick around.

Until next week!