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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.03- Contact

Callie and Brandon take steps forward in their respective relationships; Mariana, Jude, and Lena fight for Anchor Beach; and Jesus has some trouble....

The board of Anchor Beach is being beyond awful at this point.  The Board of Education has decided that Monte is still the principal and that she can't be fired because of the LGBT sex ed class since it wasn't a school sponsored event.  Unfortunately, the board has suspended her due to other issues and flat out told her and Lena that they would find a reason to fire her and that they would be keeping an eye on Lena.  I wish there was a way to use that sort of thing to nullify the vote, but being asses is not a legal reason to do so.  And the fact that the board went to the parents of students who didn't get the signed slips in order to rile them up to complain about Monte is ridiculous.  I just wish that something could be done, but I don't know what that could be.

And Drew is systematically shutting down all protest at the school.  He has installed cameras (ostensibly for security purposes), shut down the school paper, shut down the STEM team after Mariana delivered the underground newspaper as a flyer, and has threatened to shut down the prom if the underground paper goes out again.  When you couple this with the way the board is acting, it shows a leadership issue with the school.  Drew is acting like a dictator and is doing whatever he can do to make sure that the school goes private.  It is completely disgusting.

I like the way that Callie is allowing the family to take pictures of her to use for her self-portrait.  I think it would be really cool if she were to take a bunch of the pictures and put them together in some sort of geometric shape or slideshow in order to show the different sides that she has.  And then there was her date with Aaron.  I get why she was unhappy with not knowing anything, but she really should have told him ahead of time why she wanted to know what was going on because what she had told him made it sound like she was ok with not knowing.  At least they had that nice talk afterwards where she laid out what she needed.

And then there was Brandon and Grace.  To be honest, I can't say that I am surprised that he thought she wanted him to come over for sex.  After all, the last few times we have seen her invite him over, she wanted to have sex with him, so it was not exactly an illogical assumption.  That being said, it probably would have been better for him to check ahead of time to be sure.  I loved the scene where the two of them were apologizing via song.  That was really, really cute.

Jude really needs to start paying more attention to Noah.  Playing that game on his phone all the time is not going to be good for their relationship.  I don't know if Jude is still not quite over Connor or what, but he needs to get serious if he wants to keep Noah as his boyfriend.  The fact that he couldn't even stay off of his phone for a day is not a good sign at all.

And then there is Jesus.  I feel sorry that he overheard Stef and Lena talking, but he does definitely have problems.  Tess may be right and school may be good for him, but I am not sure if all the issues at anchor Beach are good for him right now.  He does need something to do though.

I would feel sorrier for Mariana if she didn't create problems for herself.  I appreciate that she is smart and likes to take charge, but she can be very, very pushy sometimes and is a serious control freak.  While these are not necessarily bad, when they are coupled with her total outspokenness and inability to keep anything a secret, they can cause her problems.  And forging Lena's (I think it was Lena's anyway) signature on that permission form was so not a smart move.  This is going to be trouble.

Until next week!