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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.04- Too Fast, Too Furious

Tonight is all about romantic relationships as Callie and Aaron have something to consider, Mike and Ana come to a decision, Jesus confronts Emma, and Brandon is caught in a bit of a bind.  Meanwhile, Mariana hides something from the family.

It's a good thing Aaron is a patient man, because he seems to need it with Callie.  On the one hand, it is hard to blame her for going to Tom because he is a friend and is trans like Aaron.  On the other hand, going to someone who has (had?) a crush on you for romantic advice is not the best idea in the world.  At least she and Aaron are being open and honest with each other as they consider their relationship.  Callie trying to be verbal and make Aaron feel more masculine was sort of funny in a cringe-inducing sort of way.  The problem is that if you are going to do something like that, it needs to be natural and she was anything but.  I can't say I blame her for being nervous because dating a trans guy has to be different, at least when it comes to the physical.  And Callie has always had a problem being emotionally open (although she is getting better at it!), so not talking to Aaron right away was so something she would do.  But, it appears that the two of them are going to be open with their questions, so that is a good thing.

And then there is Brandon.  Babysitting your ex's kid is not a horrible idea, but he so should have let Grace know about the situation before she found out on her own.  And letting Courtney stay with them without talking to Grace about it is such a horrible idea.  Grace does not seem to be the most secure person in the world and I suspect that even that most secure person would have an issue with your ex staying at your parent's house.  It's nice of him to offer, but it was still a bad idea.  I have a horrible suspicion that it will come back to bite him on the ass, big time.

Mike and Ana are engaged. While I am happy for them, it is a weird situation.  Brandon's dad is going to be married to the twins' biological mom.  That is probably going to be somewhat uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Hey, I may be wrong, but I don't think that it was the best move without some thorough groundwork.  I know it is Mike and Ana's lives and everything, but by not at least preparing everyone ahead of time, it could lead to some serious awkwardness.

The main problem, I suspect, is going to be Jesus.  I know allowance have to be made for the TBI. but at some point, excuses have to stop being made for him.  He has been on Brandon over so many things, it is really hard to blame him for fighting back a little.  Jesus did destroy Brandon's room and is scaring people and he has to realize that, while he may not be able to control himself terribly well, that doesn't mean that his actions don't have consequences.  Emma is worried that Jesus might go off on her, and I can't say I blame her.  I don't think he would purposefully hurt her, but if he has fit of rage around her, he could hurt her anyway.  As for his going back to school, it is not the worst idea.  Working construction is a horrible idea, mainly because he could very easily hurt himself again and exacerbate his TBI.  I know he doesn't want to be different, but he is, and he needs to figure out how to deal with that.

Apparently, the only secrets Mariana can keep are her own.  Joining the derby team could be good for her, but when Stef and Lena figure out what she is up to, it is not going to end well.  It was nice to see her get better, but this is something she needs to tell them about.  They may be hesitant to let her join the team, but they might be persuaded to relent in time.  She, however, is not giving them that chance, and that is a problem.

Until next week!