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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Review of The Fosters 5.05- Telling

The kids go to a party where secrets are revealed, Lena is disturbed by Tess and upset by Stef who is obsessed with her latest case, Callie is challenged, and Brandon is put into a somewhat awkward position.

While I admire the fact that Callie wants to stand up for other people, I do think the braver thing for her personally to do would be to stay out of what is going on at the college campus.  It is so easy for her to get swept up in what is going on that for her to take a step back and watch for a bit is probably the best thing.  Given the way everyone was talking, I am worried that things will get out of hand and she will get herself in over her head again.  I just hope that she is smart about her activism now and sets limits for herself.

As for what she said about Mariana, I can't totally disagree with her.  While Mariana does have a certain activist streak, her activism tends more towards things that will help Mariana and less towards the more selfless (albeit reckless) activism that is Callie's stock in trade.  As for the whole party, I get that Mariana wanted to go, but allowing Jesus to come along without keeping a closer eye on him was not smart, particularly considering the fact that Jesus doesn't really seem to have his own best, long-term interests in mind.  I get that he wants to go out and have fun, but he really, REALLY needs to be a tone more careful.  Bouncing around and jumping up and down cannot be good for his brain right now.  He really needs to figure out a way to do things that aren't potentially going to get him hurt worse than he already is.  I am glad that Mariana decided to do the right thing a fess up to everything to Lena.  I do hope that Stef and Lena will let her continue to do roller derby, because she really does enjoy it.

Speaking of Lena, she seems to be near the end of her rope.  She is frustrated by everything going on with Jesus, upset at being his main caretaker, and then there was Tess' bit about her being impressed that Stef and Lena had embraced an "alternative lifestyle".  For the record, I hate that phrase when it is applied to someone's sexuality.  Living off the gird is an "alternative lifestyle".  Being married to the person that you love, whether or not they are the same sex as you, is not.  Period.  I was definitely a little surprised that she snapped at Stef, but I think they both needed that for Stef to realize how alone Lena is feeling right now.  Fortunately, Stef took the hint and seems to be working towards rectifying the situation.

Brandon has put himself in a somewhat awkward position.  While I get why he wants to help his ex and her son, not telling his current girlfriend was not the best idea.  I don't know if he considered how she might react, but it has the potential to be pretty bad.  She was definitely not happy to hear about i and Brandon needs to carefully consider his next steps.

Until next week!